Every company has digital assets.

We help you rate your software assets, giving you an
easy and transparent solution to sell or buy used and new software.

license.rocks offers  transparency to that jungle of software license information. We get you the best quote for your software assets. We use blockchain technologies to have an audit prove approach so that you and your customers finally are safe to buy and resell also used software.

In our first use case we empower insolvency managers and liquidators to fully concentrate on your goals getting the best offer for any assest while not having the hassle to get into the complicated world of software license management.For that we partnered with the top notch software license management team of ProLicense to provide you a painfree software license management.

This is our use case to show how digital assets can improve existing business processes, but we are away that this is just the start. Blockchain has created a whole new asset class, we are envisioning a truly decentralized market approach for the license management of the future and new business opportunities for any enterprise.You have an use case, you would like to check if you are missing any business opportunity?

Check for more our product page with our product vision roadmap for more or drop us a message.

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from berlin with love

from berlin with love



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