wins the pitch competition at the Blockchain HTW conference

On the 4th of August 2017 the Berlin HTW University started their own Blockchain Conference. There were doubts beforehand if because of the amount of Blockchain related meet ups, conferences and especially the time when the conference took place (summer vacations here in Berlin) it would be worth at all to organize such a conference at all. But yes the driving forces behind the Blockchain topics at the HTW, Prof. Dr. Adam showed all non-believers that Blockchain is a topic that pulls at any time an audience.

Also she organized a line of impressive speakers as it kicked off with an by dean of the university himself Prof. Dr. Klaus Semlinger, then Prof. Dr. Adam made a fast Blockchain intro, Dr. Marcella Atzori then explained why the TrustedChain will be a major benefit for the different nations and their public administrations and after that Dr. Moritz Indenhuck explained Smartcontracts out of a view of a lawyer when it comes to legal constraints.

In the next part of the conference the students had their pitch time where they presented some of the work they did during the last term, so there were university reports being hashed and the hash being published on the blockchain so a validation of the authenticity can be done in a quick 24/7 way. Then the results of questionnaire of about 170 enterprises were presented whereby the main goal of the questionnaire was to find out if they are aware of the Blockchain technology and if they already have some projects where Blockchain is involved, I guess that report will be published somewhere then I will link to it, same is valid for any videos or so. After that there was a talk about cryptocurrencies and if they could be the key currencies, the result here was that the team thinks it there will be a co-existence with fiat money, I guess I follow on that thought at least for the next 15 years. The last project presented how M&A processes could benefit from Blockchain technologies aiming to be the first draft for a conceptual approach within this space. Overall I have to admit I wish we had that kind of opportunities back then when I studied, I think this a right approach of the HTW, teaching students with a entrepreneurial mindset how they could succeed in the future.

Then we had a lunch break and since we are Berlin, I think we experienced a worldwide premier w/o even noticing it, we can take it for granted that this was the first open air Doener Blockchain conference lunch ever;-)

After the lunch the Startup pitches started and with Frank Bartels as a speaker kicked off the pitch session. builds a decentralized framework for licensing digital goods with software licensing as their first vertical. Second in line was BuzzEp presenting how they can help NGOs with the fundraising using blockchain technologies. After that friendup pitched their idea of becoming the future OS of the cloud and finally our friends from simmst introduced everyone the idea of reputation and why that is really important in the proptech segment.

Now it was time for Frank Bolten to introduce his 3D Project and why blockchain makes sense here, this was really interesting for us since this seems to be also a license topic we haven’t thought about up to now. After that Joachim Lohkamp had his take on the really important topic of digital identities and how the users can probably gain back their identities and therefore the data that they produce and how it is combined with that personal data information.

And finally the winner of the startup pitch was announced by Bazil Azmil from Atlantic Labs and there it was our first price in our second competition (good quote up to now I would say). We like to say thanks to all the people being involved in organizing this event and we had a really nice time meeting old friends and getting to know new ones. Berlin rocks!

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