within the finals

Mindbox the Deutsche Bahn accelerator program was looking for startups to build with them the future of customer interactions. There were 10 startups invited to pitch in Frankfurt at another startup hub of the Deutsche Bahn.
Our presented use case their in a nutshell was, giving Deutsche Bahn customers the option license their private data to receive incentives for providing it in combination with existing data user while being GDPR compliant.
Besides us this startups pitched:
Kauz, Deeply, Qiue, e-bot7, blackout, stomt, hello guide and remote from Paris QEMOTION and from Silicon Valley Lisnr.
With Lisnr, e-bot7 and Kauz 3 established startups won the pitch and get to launch and test their products and services within 3 months with the Deutsche Bahn customer base and a 25K free grant.
We did not win the competition but experience and connected to high ranked Deutsche Bahn employees and other digital experts and met some awesome startups! Big kudos to the mindbox and Deutsche Bahn for providing startups such a chance, you rock;-)

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