About license.rocks

We are the first company to blockchainify software license management.


Our Story

On a late summer night in 2016 the founders Daud, Frank and Adam sat together enjoying a beer at Berlin's Bitcoin street (Graefestrasse where also the famous Bar 77 is located) discussing if there are any real business use cases for blockchain technologies. All the sudden it hit us - the problem that we faced in our professional life, software license management, might be a perfect fit.

Daud and Frank applied and received the Berlin Startup Scholarship for their idea and worked on the researching part and on funding Adam so that he could join full time. As a go to market strategy we decided to start with insolvencies because here we had found a market niche with extreme information asymmetry and our solution would be of great benefit for any insolvency manager or liquidator. 

Who we are

The founders have been working together in the software management space for more than 10 years. Adam our third founder was working with them before on a prototype for the proptech business (last 10 startups within the youisnow accelerator program) and on some ideas in the social entrepreneur space.


Daud Zulfacar

Managing Director
Product & Vision


Frank Bartels

Managing Director
Business & Operations


Adam Groves

Dev & Infrastructure


“No individual can win a game by himself.”

“No individual can win a game by himself.”

— Pele, Brazil


At his previous company, Daud was as product manager responsible for the product suite and worked in several departments mostly just building them up, get them running and then handing them over to new leaders. He started various startups in collaboration with others (Community, Web, Design, Fashion, Rating, Food, Proptech) as side projects to his actual work and is a entrepreneur and networker by heart. He is one of the persons to set up the Blockchain brunches at the famous Factory in Berlin and also engages himself in supporting the Berlin Blockchain week.


Frank headed the service division at his previous company, leading the Berlin office and being part of the management group. He worked before for Siemens in the license management space and has extensive IT project management skills and has a excellent overview about the Software Asset Management (SAM) environment. He started before a price comparision site for IT hardware products. He is one of the organizers of the Berlin Project Management Camp (#PMCAMPBER).


Our CTO Adam completes our core team enjoying diving into the decentralized world of coding coming from developing web applications for over a decade. There he was always working in startups or NGO environments building complex web applications that meet real business needs. He is extremely good in teaching others and the best sparring partner for exploring use cases using decentralized technologies.

How we work

We are working in a transparent way always focusing on the customer benefit. Although we love the technology, we don’t try to convince anyone to use blockchain technologies if the use case doesn’t add extra value.

Press & Media

Press & Media

Press & Media

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