We are thrilled to announce that we as license.rocks are among the 3 finalist of the 2020 Deep Tech Award of the city of Berlin in the category Blockchain.

What is that Award about?

The Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Businesses, in the context of the state initiative Projekt Zukunft and the deeptechberlin.de campaign, together with the SIBB e.V., the Association of the Information and Communications Industry in Berlin and Brandenburg, is presenting the Deep Tech Award 2020 to the anchor project.

The Deep Tech Award 2020 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The award is given to application-oriented and proven solutions as well as products based on software and/or hardware, which are characterized by a high degree of innovation and great future potential.


The global metropolis of Berlin has developed into a leading location for information and communication technologies in Germany and Europe. Information and communication technologies are key technologies for Berlin as a business location. They drive innovation, increase productivity and help to secure economic growth, prosperity and jobs in the future

The growth rates of Berlin's ICT sector continue to be above average. In 2018, the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce registered up to 4,300 new companies in the ICT sector.

This is almost a fifth of the total turnover that Berlin's manufacturing industry can record.

The ICT sector is a pioneer of the digital transformation. In addition to good software, innovative hardware in particular is crucial to the successful design of the digital transformation.

As a cosmopolitan, young and dynamic metropolis, Berlin offers the best location and development conditions for digital industry startups and the large number of software development specialists. In addition to start-ups, many highly specialized small and medium-sized companies have been successfully asserting themselves on the market for a long time.

Technologically decisive trends in the ICT economy such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, mobile applications, IT security, artificial intelligence and block chain are becoming increasingly important for the competitiveness of companies and hold great market potential.

The increasing demand for products and solutions in the ICT sector could develop into a key growth driver for Berlin. At the same time, the combination of hardware and software components means that the development of corresponding solutions and products is associated with special challenges for companies, such as long development processes, high innovation costs and high risk.

With the Deep Tech Award 2020, we want to honor the innovative strength of up-and-coming start-ups and established companies and generate additional attention for ICT solutions and products "Made in Berlin".

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