You can tokenize everything through NFTs. Therefore an opportunity for brands of all branches to enter the futuristic digital world. Beside digital videos, songs and collectible cards from sports and music brands, other branches gained interest for all sorts of creative NFTs as from the fashion, luxury, charity, real estate industry1.

Here are some brand examples: 

  • Pizza Hut (Non-Fungible Pizza slice for $8,824)
  • Pringles 50 limited “Cryptocrisps” (600 USD/Unit)
  • Coca Cola “Friendship” cards Bubble 3D, Wearable Jacket and a Sound Visualizer with the famous Coca Cola bottle  hissing sound
  • LVMH-owned Luxury Luggage Maker: RIMOWA containing a personalised signature, a table, lamp, food cart and sound system

What are the Benefits of Brand NFTs?

  1. New and untapped markets - “Fill two needs with one deed"

    Certainly a 3.600 USD worth tokenized GIF enabled a worldwide restaurant chain to support a foundation for a charity cause, and even an NFTP (Non-Fungible- Toilet-Paper) was sold in five designs and will be donating the auction proceeds to a humanitarian aid organization2
    In Addition the NFT of  a partnership with a digital sneaker brand brought over 3 million USD in sales. The originator of the NFT gets consequently recurring revenue based on a percentage from all future resells of the sneakers traded on the secondary market3.

    Hence, the increasing demand in the NFT ecosystem shapes a whole new secondary trading market for the benefit of all parties, since the NFT asset can be resold and still be beneficial to the original creator. 
  1. Collaborations - The era of storytelling

    Certainly the fundamental power of the internet and the impact of social media were not foreseen a decade ago. For instance, lots of successful business and talented individuals started their empire from a single post and a couple of likes and shares. Because of that Brands shouldn’t miss out on the potential of NFTs that embrace these various trends and offer any possible collaboration project for co-creating NFTs. Further, this can offer new revenue streams and also open new market opportunities based on the potential of the  customer base of the brand4
  1. Customer engagement

    NFTs can support a brand to engage with their customers, create unique brand awareness tools and also customer loyability incentives. Therefore you can design numerous collaborations even with NGOs for a good cause into a digital world for any brand. Moreover you can achieve remarkable marketing and PR boost by coming up with the right NFT strategy5.

Easy to use for non-crypto experts:

So your customers don’t need to be crypto savvy guys. All you need is an E-Mail Address and regular credit card to buy or sell with our marketplace solution. We take care of the gas fees (transaction fees) and wallet handling by offering barrier free web 3.0 USP's with a smooth web 2.0 experience.

What are the USP's?

  • Unique brand experiences
  • Secure and fraudless IP
  • Support brand awareness
  • Strong direct to customer loyalty options
  • New business models

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