We are all super proud to be selected among the last 10 startups for the prestigious German startup competition called Deutscher Gründerpreis.
Here are some previous winner of that competition. (just in German)

How does this award work?

Well, you need to get suggested and then the competition team ask you to file information about your venture. Then there is an expert network of successful business women and men checking the filled information. With each round, you are confronted with more and more detailed questions about the business model, product and team. It's a bit like Germany's next top model, besides that you don't know your competition and with more substantial value.

We were able to convince the jury that Blockchain is part of the ideal technology stack for licensing use cases. Selling safe in our first use case software licenses through adding a proof about the legality and the information on which this decision was made, adds transparency and new market opportunities for a whole industry. Lots of enterprises are not even aware that software can be a real corporate asset, even if they cannot find these values in any company balance sheet. But in most cases there is a significant value and a need for a standardized approach for transparent and audit proofed license trading.

Standardization is key for software license trading

After months of research and customer interviews, we released a standardization paper DIN SPEC 4996 (“Blockchain based approach to transfer software licenses”) together with the DIN (German ISO) and other experts this month. With our product launch in May, our solutions will be the first application worldwide that supports the new standard in software license trading.

But there is more than classic software licenses

Our PoC with a leading Fortune 500 machine manufacturer from Germany showed the potential in other areas. We truly believe that the distribution of connected devices (from small IOT devices up to smart factories) will be based in the future on licensing.

Based on all these information and the market potential, the jury selected us among the top 30. That we got there was already a super success and motivation for our team and a true validation for us, but hey it got even better.

By the early this week, a mail reached us that we are among the Top 10 of our category startups. We are super proud, especially as we see that other business experts confirm our approach. Now we will get even valuable feedback from the jury and will use that for our further development.

The last 3 of each category are getting valuable tips about how to make the next steps within their business by the creme de la creme of German entrepreneurs and that for the next 2 years.
Check https://www.deutscher-gruenderpreis.de/kuratorium/

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Big thanks to @ZDF @Porsche @stern and Sparkasse for your wonderful contribution with this initiative to the startup world.

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