There are several way how to add license entries. 

As a lot of corporates already have their license information digitalize and we want to avoid any unnecessary efforts we have the option to import this information via an MLS import, a VLSC import or an ERP import. 

General structure

You need to select one the options.

Add Manuallly

LINK!!! Check as mentioned above here all steps in detail.

Managed Service

The Add Manually steps are described here.  The Managed Services is an option to book a full service so that we provide you resources that will enter all your license information.

Please provide us in this option with information so that we can back to you with a quote for offering that service.  With providing the answers to these questions and adding additional information we can elaborate on a way how we can support your license digitalization and verification service, so that we offer you additional experts to offer you a full service.

We can't provide here a single service fee as every customer will require different work efforts based on the way on how and what licenses were managed and should be considered.

MLS Import

The MLS or the Microsoft License Statement, is a comprehensive view of existing Licensing Inventory that enables you to focus on your overall Licensing Strategy. It provides consistent and predictable results.

  • Apply all upgrade and maintenance-type licenses to full licenses acquired through each volume licensing program, including Enterprise, Select, Select Plus, Open Value, and Open License programs.
  • Use licensing rules and product release dates to produce the most accurate license summary of the customer organization.

VLSC Import

The VLSC or the Volume License Software Center of Microsoft (VLSC) is the primary site where Microsoft Volume Licensing customers can view and manage their licensing agreements. You can perform many tasks in the VLSC. Some of the main tasks are downloading software products, obtaining keys and managing subscriptions to online services.

We can extract your license information from there and start verifying it based on the license information that Microsoft has.

ERP Import

The section ERP import is based on the fact that relicense already has tons of license information within their ERP system. These there listed licenses are already verified which means if they get imported we don't need to run them through our current verification workflow. 


These options of adding a license will be for sure extended
based on your needs, please contact us to figure out what we
should implemented to use our solution with ease.