The marketplace shows you only offered and verified used or new licenses. 

General Structure

There are the main marketplace view with an option to check any license by clicking on more info and getting to the license card detail page


The marketplace differs for the roles of a buyer and a seller. .

Sellers View

A seller has a sub navigation with an order history as a menu entry that lists all the orders that came in so far (you only see them as a seller)

Browse is the default setting for the main marketplace overview. This view is the same besides the navigation.

Order History lists all orders,  you can access from there all commercial information of the license and get to the license detail card of that specific order.

Software request allows to ask for software that is not listed here. Currently we will have a matching service that will check your request and try to fulfill your desired orders.


If you can’t find your demanded software then you need to click  “request licenses” and drop us a mail request.