The license section is listing all managed licenses. 
Any license entry gets listed here and shows us the current status.

General structure

The quick search lets you search fast the license your looking for. 
The filter lets you change the based on various status you license can have.
The license entry lists and its starting icons of each license entry row represents the state (see more under icons and their meaning), then  the name and publisher of the software, the available amount, the status and required action button (in red framed buttons) are listed.

Icons and their meaning

  1. Green Icon: Congratulations your license is verified and can be sold.
  2. White Icon: Your license still needs some documents to get verified.
  3. Yellow Icon: Your license is currently in the progress of being verified.
  4. Red Icon: Your license verification has some issues, maybe it got rejected or there is a request for change.


There are several status your license can have.

Missing documents shows that you still need to add some relevant documents so that selling the license can be proofed. There is a action button in the last column that lets you add documents needed for the verification process.

Certification requested tells you that your license is currently in the progress of being verified. You provided the relevant documents and your license is currently being analyzed.

Certification rejected shows any license that was not accepted based on teh provided claims and proofs.

Certified means that your license was verified to be ready to be sold. Here we differ between licenses that are already listed on the market place then we have in the last column the entry on sale. Else we see there the action button Sell, that lets you add the license to the marketplace.


These licenses are currently just visible for owners or sellers of  the license.
The buyer has no license list yet.