Specify Software

As a third step you need to select the right software specifications that represent your license.


Undertake this step to step guide

  1. Produkt: Select the product for the previous selected software publisher (step 1)
  2. Amount: Add the full amount of licenses available.
  3. State: Select if that is new or used software.
  4. Download URL: This is an URL where you can download the sources, this can be provided by the seller or the software publisher.
  5. Support expiration date: This field is meant to show the end date of a running support contract that covers this software license. This is important as a running support contract might allow you to use and therefore also to sell a higher version of the software license. 

Add Software:

This is optional if you like to upload more software that belongs to that software publisher. This makes sense if you also uploaded an order with various listed software from that software publisher.

Amount: When you add an amount, you can still later specify how many licenses you really want to place on the marketplace.
State: When you select new software, it was never used by your company, nor was it was it registered
to any other company and therefore there is no verification needed.