What is MegaFlow?

We believe that tokenizations should follow standards, they should be then tokenized and visualized. Non fungible tokens (NFTs) can carry along arbitrary metadata that we structure according to existing standards by adding workflows for them.

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MegaFlow produces a JSON file that holds all the configurations for creating a workflow to produce a JSON file. That produced JSON file can be used as the metadata for the license token that represents the digital product. As we can use any data we can start designing numerous license information like that.

Immutability for your license metadata

As the metadata lives often on a centralized storage solution the owner of that storage could decide to change any entries or even delete the file. therefore stores the JSON to a permanent storage point. In combination with metaproof even new JSON files can be uploaded, using the append only blockchain option and still provenance is archived.

Are you interested in

designing your workflow?

Your secure Metadata Workflow

Customize it and offer secure JSON files for your NFT.

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