Your digital footprint

We add your copyright related metadata to your license tokens and we save that metadata to a permanent storage provider to offer license entries for mankind. Metaproof reads out that metadata and even offers bundling relevant metadata files so changes can be also tracked over time. Decentralized copyright register are use cases for such public license registry approaches.


Validating license rights

Is the person / entity that is offering the license entitled to do so? Based on what proofs and claims that were checked by whom and at what time? Create a license and its corresponding QR code and offer a new transparent way for your customers. To meet the often encountered business privacy requests only on demand and granting access policies for corporates can be offered.

Audit Trail

Provenance of digital products is difficult to grasp if there is no visual representation of the ownership changes over time. Metaproof offers an easy to understand overview of historical changes, so start creating your personal digital product license logs.

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