In this episode, it's all about the future of NFTs and three PM frameworks you probably haven't heard of.
The guest on this episode of Product Pioneers Podcast is our Co-Founder, Daud Zulfacar. As a blockchain affine person with broad experience in the StartUp scene, he tells us more about' decentralized technology. We,, use NFTs for software licensing and are currently developing a new product (listen to it to learn more).

What is this podcast about?

In this episode, the basics of NFTs are reviewed in more detail to understand what the hype is all about and how License Rocks fits into this picture.
It also introduces three PM frameworks that Daud has developed and uses himself.

  • Staircase Strategy: a roadmapping/product validation and funding method.
  • Cha Cha Days - A team empowerment method.
  • DEFF Concept - A design and product development approach.

If you want to learn all about NFT's and the above frameworks, listen to this!

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