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Founded in 2017, Berlin-based blockchain startup is a customizable white label platform specializing in the topic of licensing. In the process, software license management in particular crystallized as a real first use case for the blockchain.

In the meantime, they have expanded their topic area and are now also focusing on license management using Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) for any digital and physical products. With its "code-free" approach, the whitelabel solution offers limitless freedom for the implementation of diverse NFT projects in various industries.

The main target here is the new creator economy. In the future, companies and creators from different fields will create NFTs together and thus create a bridge to the new digital world (metaverse). The goal is to take digital property and usage rights to the next level.

To this end, suitable verticals have been identified and the first to be tackled is the music sector and its problems and collaboration options.

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