The licensing solution for a digital future and your future business. redefines trade and traceability of usage rights as a platform you can trust. Digitize your license business and make it fit for the digital future. We make sure that it will be easy and traceable for you. Whether in the real world or in a #Metaverse.


All our products together build a perfect license alternatives for any digital asset. Our mission is to make licensing as easy as it should be for customers as well as for creators. 

Creatorshub - enables you to license, manage and transfer your digital products using license tokens More...

Megaflow - provides an easy-to-use JSON "Workflow Builder" to customize the dialog for the license creation and define metadata data for the license token More...

Metaproof - allows to read the license metadata, which is located on a tamper-proof memory location, to make the license statements and claims readable More...

Licensecore - the first platform for secure and audit proof software license transfer on the second hand market More...


The digital alternative to conventional trading with usage rights

The challenge

Our society is changing, and with it the business world. The monetization of digital products is becoming more and more important, as is the fact that business is increasingly decentralized and involves collaboration between several players, regardless of location. As a result, property rights are becoming more complex and compliance with licensing conditions increasingly difficult to track - for all actors.

The solution

With you trade licenses in no time at all, digitally, audit-proof and traceable. This means a better understanding of the acquired rights of use and the simple, digital proof of ownership for your customers. And for you? More compliance, new monetization options and a comprehensive overview of issued license rights at a fraction of the time and cost.


The process 
a license token

Step 1 - megaflow

Select or create a  workflow that will be used to create the token within the creator.hub by using industry standards.


Step 2 - creator.hub

Create Non Fungible Tokens with the predefined workflow adding your license related values to the metadata of the token. Start managing and selling your digitale assets.


Step 3 - metaproof

Read out the license metrics saved on the permanent storage and visualize it for making your license terms easier to understand. 

Check your digital footprint

Did you ever wonder if all these tokens are really immutable? Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) often had their metadata saved on a centralized solution which means if that company goes out of business, then the NFT doesn't exist anymore. A solution would be to store the contract on the Ethereum mainnet and to use for the metadata a permanet storage.
Metaproof is our license explorer that reads out the metadata files, offering even the option to use various metadata files - in case your licensed item attributes faces changes over time.
With metaproof you can leave your digital footprint for mankind .  

A customizable workflow for your token metadata

Setting and holding standards are super important for our tokenized world of tomorrow. Therefore we developed megaflow, a easy to use JSON based editor that produces the JSON based metadata files. megaflow let's you  set up and share your workflows to create standard token metadata for various products and license use cases.

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Your end to end market solution for selling and buying used software.

LicenseCore application (currently in beta) allows our clients to buy and sell software assets securely on the blockchain. We help our clients navigate the software license jungle with a fair and transparent service. We always ensure our clients obtain the best quote for software assets.


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