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Our vision is to enable any license to be an asset (token), tracking it between the involved parties, providing transparent ownership and an immutable audit trail.

A fair and transparent token economy will incentivize all stakeholders in the transaction chain.

We are on track to build a decentralized licensing framework that will support in the future all kind of tokens.


Audit Trail

With our audit trail, everyone can verify if the sale of licenses meets the legal prerequisites. Any transfer of a license is visualized and can be tracked. Mandatory documents and claims required for selling software under European law are verified by our experts.


Decentralized POS

A QR codes is produced to represent the license entitlement. This QR code leads the user then to our audit trail and so that any potential buyer can assure that buying the license is audit proofed. Any online location (from a single private website to a professional marketplace) can be now used to resell the license.


The tokenizer (Alpha status atm) is an easy to use interface that generates tokens representing flexible license entitlements. Licenses are getting digitalized for secure trading and automated measurement.


Document Vault

We consolidate all required proofs about a
legitimate ownership of the software license. Preparing for audits or searching for all required information is a real pain for any enterprise that this will solve.

Product Vision Roadmap

We believe that tokenization will conquer the world and can add tremendous values for existing businesses but also create many so far untapped new business opportunities.

One of the killer applications we see in that space is granting usage rights through tokens and empowering creators to get monetized for their work without any necessary intermediary.

For that we are developing a decentralized license framework starting with a existing business case of the software asset management market as we have in this industry segment domain expertise. 


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“Software licenses - the most digital product in the world - is not digital.”

“Software licenses - the most digital product of the world - is not digital.”

— Frank Bartels,


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