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Our vision is to tokenise the global software licensing market. When a software license becomes a digital asset it can be traded digitally between parties.

Blockchain’s capacity to function as a source of provenance provides the underlying technology for a transparent and trusted platform supporting the ownership of software assets.

A fair and transparent token economy will grow organically once we relase our twofold token model, providing incentives for all stakeholders in the transaction chain.

Our platform will provide a decentralised licensing framework that will in the future support tokens in a variety of digital assets. For example, the platform has the capacity to support in the future tokens for gaming and Intellectual Property (IP).


Audit Trail

Our platform provides users with a verifiable audit trail, confirming that each transaction is legally compliant. The transferal of software licenses can be traced while the mandatory documents and claims required for selling software under European law are verified by our team of experts.


Decentralized Point of Sale

A QR code is produced to represent the license entitlement. When the holder of a software asset has obtained a QR code it will be linked to an audit trail, enabling a buyer to obtain assurance that he has made an audit-proofed purchase. A license can be resold online, either via a private website or professional marketplace.  

Document Vault

We consolidate and digitise all the required proof-of-ownership software license documentation. This removes the hassle a business faces when preparing for an audit or searching for the required information relating to the software licenses that it holds.



The tokenizer (Alpha status ATM) is an easy to use interface, generating tokens that entitle owners to a software license. The digitalisation of software licenses provides the capacity for digital assets to be securely traded in a transparent and fully automated environment.

Product Vision Roadmap

We believe the token economy will conquer the world and has the potential to add tremendous value to existing businesses while also creating new untapped opportunities.

A killer app in this space is the granting of usage rights to tokens, empowering holders and creators to monetise their work without the need for an intermediary.

To achieve this aim we are developing a decentralised license framework. We chose to begin with the software asset management market as we have a high level of industry expertise in this space.


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The app provides a secure, transparent and trusted portal where software assets can be bought and sold.

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“Software licenses - the most digital product in the world - is not digital.”

“Software licenses - the most digital product of the world - is not digital.”

— Frank Bartels,


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