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license.rocks enables companies to save money, liquidate bound capital, be compliant, reduce software license complexity and make it easier to understand and manage corporate software assets.

Due to our professional background, market demand and the niche of used software - we selected as our go to market strategy - we offer these following services:



Blockchain for your company?

Blockchain is redefining our understanding of trust in economical process. But what relevance can the technology have for your business and industry?

You want to sell used software?

Trading used software w/o a time constraint is legal in Europe, since the EU court decision from 2012. But the secondary market for software is pretty concentrated and it’s hard to find out what you need to deliver and what a good price for your software would be.

Appraisal Reports for Software
(Insolvencies & Liquidators)

Are there significant software values in the company? We create the value appraisals for software, so you know what software values are in the bankruptcy estate.

Software Asset Management

Software asset management is more than a tool and can be a long process.

More details about our services

Blockchain for your company?

We support you as an innovation partner, project manager, consultant, trainer and developer in your upcoming blockchain activities together with our partner network.

Blockchain Know-How

We have been in contact with several solutions and always keep a close eye on the developments in the market.

Excellent Network

As a member of the Blockchain Bundesverband and co-founder of the Blockchain breakfast at Factory Berlin, we are well connected in the Blockchain ecosystem. We’ll pick the right experts for your project.


We’ve worked for client projects in a wide range business sectors, from logistics, public sector, and banking, to automotive and more.

Fairness, Trust and Transparency

We love the technology and the multitude of opportunities. However, not every use case makes sense to be solved with the technology. Our advice is honest and independent. Trust us!

You want to sell unused software?

Selling your unused software licenses with us is simple, fair, secure and transparent.

Best price

We know the business and the market. Therefor we are able to negotiate the best price and contract with potential buyers, saving you the effort.

Audit proof security

With our blockchain-powered trading platform, the process of selling licenses follows the rules of the EU court decision. This gives an extra level of security for the buyer and you as a seller.

Feasibility analysis

We check whether your license chain is complete and can be sold or not.

Transparency and fairness

Transparency and fairness is our mission. We want to empower you for a fair deal.

Appraisal Reports for Software (Insolvencies & Liquidators)

Being involved in an insolvency is all about having a good overview, the same as we are enabling for the license situation. We have accompanied the largest insolvency in Germany in recent years and sold software worth more than 1 million euros.

Fast and optimized process

With access to key people and/or software asset management tools or other ERP solutions, we create an appraisal report for you to represent to the board of debtors.

Not only Microsoft

We are able to sell and analyse more than just Microsoft licenses. With our partners we are one of a very view companies that evaluate Oracle licenses and contracts.

Flexible pricing

Our service is based on your needs. We charge a fixed price for the appraisal report, depending on the size of your project.

Software Asset Management

With our partners we combine decades of license optimization and various software asset management and license projects in the corporate world. Enterprises have several options to be license compliant, in an ideal situation the current demand matches the available purchased license entitlements. But enterprises and their licensing needs are moving targets.

Oracle license optimization

Our partner ProLicense (founded and run by ex-Oracle employees) has been successfully offering independent consulting for any kind of Oracle audit support since 2009. The service portfolio includes Oracle audits (Oracle License Reviews), negotiating corporate licenses and reducing the ongoing support costs.

Software audit prevention

Various partners support us in any audit prevention tasks. We have build up a vast network in the Software Asset Management space with an accumulated founder experience of over 25 years. After listening to your needs we will select the perfect partner to match your needs.

SAM consulting

We can help you to structure your real needs and not just buying costly SAM software and employing expensive SAM consultants. First we check all requirement and then we calculate the TCO (total cost of ownership). After seeing these real numbers we can together make the best economic decision for your situation.

Tool evaluation

There are a number of providers for different tools for different tasks within the SAM space. We have been working with many of different tools and service providers and share our experience with you. Inventory requirements? Oracle support? Flexible reports? We help you to find the best tool for your SAM process.

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We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!


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“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”

— Roger Staubach

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