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license.rocks enables businesses to monetise their software assets, cut costs, liquidate capital assets and reduce the complexity of navigating the corporate software asset landscape. We make the management of digital assets easier and more transparent.

Our team of specialists has a depth of experience in the used software sector. It is our belief that this market has a huge pent up demand for a transparent and trusted platform for the buying and selling of digital assets



Blockchain for your company?

Blockchain is redefining our understanding of trust in business processes. But how relevant is the technology for your industry?

Do you want to sell used software?

A landmark ruling by the EU’s Court of Justice in July 2012 has given software resellers the legal right to trade digital assets. Still, the structure and complexity within the secondary market for software makes it challenging for participants to have their needs met and obtain a good price for their software.

Appraisal reports for software
(insolvencies & liquidators)

A bankruptcy estate can hold software assets of considerable value. Let us provide a comprehensive and accurate appraisal of the value of software assets that you hold.

Software Asset Management

Software asset management is so much more than just a business tool and can perform a sustainable long-term function.

More details about our services

Blockchain for your business?

We support our clients as an innovation partner, project manager and blockchain consultant in collaboration with our extensive partner network.

Blockchain Know-How

We are in touch with several blockchain solution providers and always keep a close eye on market developments.

Benefit from our extensive network

As a member of the Blockchain Bundesverband, a body promoting the blockchain in Germany, and co-founder of Factory Berlin’s Blockchain Brunch, a crypto startup meet up, we are well connected in the blockchain ecosystem. We’ll pick the right experts for your project.

Depth of experience

We’ve worked with clients on projects in a variety of industries, including automotive, banking, logistics and the public sector.

Open and transparent

We are enthused by the blockchain and the myriad opportunities created by this new technology. Still, not all the touted solutions are yet to demonstrate a proven use case. We are able to offer honest and independent advice.

You want to sell unused software?

Put simply, we help our clients sell unused software licenses. Our platform is secure, fair and transparent.

Best price

We know the industry inside out. This understanding of the market enables us to negotiate the best price with potential buyers. Our clients obtain considerable cost savings and improved efficiencies.

Audit proof security

Our blockchain-powered trading platform is fully compliant with EU regulations, providing quality assurance and high levels of security to buyers and sellers.

Feasibility analysis

Our team of specialists undertake the required due diligence to ensure a client’s license chain is complete and can be sold.

Transparency and fairness

We value trust and openness and empower our clients to obtain the best deal.

Appraisal reports for software (insolvencies & liquidators)

Being able to see the big picture is vital for insolvency practitioners and partners. Our team of specialists also take a holistic view when it comes to digital licenses. license.rocks recently sold software worth more than €1 million, participating in the largest insolvency case in Germany.

Fast and optimized process

With access to key people and software asset management tools or other Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, we create an appraisal report for you to represent to the board of debtors.

Not only Microsoft

We are able to sell and analyse more than just Microsoft licenses. With our partners we are one of very few companies that evaluate Oracle licenses and contracts.

Flexible pricing

Our service is tailored to meet your needs. We charge a fixed price for the appraisal report, depending on the size of your project.

Software Asset Management experience

Our team and partners have decades of business experience in various fields relating to software asset management, including license optimisation and license projects within the corporate world. Enterprises are required to be fully compliant in operating software. In an ideal situation the current demand matches the available purchased license entitlements. Still, a dynamic business environment can result in changing licensing requirements.

Oracle license optimization

Our partner ProLicense which is comprised of former Oracle managers who worked at the company for many years – has been successfully offering independent consulting for a variety of Oracle audit support services since 2009. These services include Oracle audits (Oracle License Reviews), negotiating corporate licenses and reducing ongoing support costs.

Software audit prevention

Various partners support us in any audit prevention tasks. We have build up a vast network in the Software Asset Management space with an accumulated founder experience of over 25 years. After listening to your needs we will select the perfect partner to match your needs.

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We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!


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“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”

— Roger Staubach

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