Blockchain's Smart Factory and Device Approach

Hardware of all kinds is getting more and more connected and thus smart. Decentralized Techologies as Blockchains can help to generate new business models adding a trusted layer. The range of applicable use cases ranges from industry maschines to IoT consumer devices. 


Smart Hardware Economy

Trusted Customer Interaction

With a pinch of magic!


Pay per usage is an awesome license model and getting trendy and picked up by many solution providers but just one of a tremendous amount of possibilities how licensing and decentralization can leverage the existing business models.


Stay in touch with your customer, as they can order new features at any time. Machine or hardware data can be revealed without showing the customer data itself. Your product managers and your maintenance department will love that.


Have tamperproof data so your hardware performance can be audited at any time without revealing any information about the end customer.


Feature Based Licensing

Together with Siemens and our partner Tupelo we did a first PoC how NFT tokens can be used in a licenses scenario for maschine features. Imagine staying in touch with your customer base over an interface and offering up- and cross sales opportunities.

Safe & Secure!

We believe in modular approaches, adding a trusted layer of enabling various license options that offer new license opportunities and staying in touch with the customer.


Trusted Machines

Hardware of all kinds are getting more and more connected and this smart. Blockchain technologies are ideal for identification of these numerous devices. If these devices have outputs in form of data that can be used for various purposes we want to ensure that that this data is tamperproof.

As smart devices are consisting of various components, data that monitors their individual performance this can be valuable data for the component manufacturer and the device architects. Think of OEMs and siloed information that could now be communicated to different component manufacturers. 

Group 270

Topper Bowers

Sören Reimers

CEO Quorum Control (Tupelo)

Managing Director of Prolicense

“It's very exciting to see such an innovative organization building machine licensing on Tupelo. Licensed machinery is the future and Siemens,, and Tupelo are poised to make that future practical now.”

With we have found the perfect partner to legally and sustainably simplify the process of software sales for our customers.

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