Leverage Impact using Blockchain

We keep on thinking how we can use decentralized technologies to support NGOs, development aid or support the Sustainable Development Goals in general. As the main issue of small but impactful projects is funding we came up with a solution that could drive funds in their direction. For us it a growing NFT that visualizes the impact of NGOs, like this they can be used as well for CSR.


We look at machines and trusted data that support your desired SDG goal.


We check the options to issue you beautiful reports based on trusted data.


We will build token based incentive models and economies around it.

Ideation - the Odyssey Hackathon

BerChain - Odyssey Hackathon 2019 Winner

With this idea we won as the BerChain e.V. team (license.rocks is one of its founding members) together with 4 other by us selected team members (big ups to Alex, Carlos, James and Jean) the largest Blockchain AI hackathon in 2019.

Lessons Learned

We wanted to give all these awesome NGOs a voice, who are doing great things and have a real impact on the world. Often there is no money to spend on marketing or certification to receive appropriate funding considering their actual impact.
We also learned of our experience, that it all boils down to measure impact and visualize it, this is something that is needed as it comes along with transparency.
After going down the impact measuring rabbit hole for 3 months, endless interviews with potential customers and users, we realized that although we loved our originated idea it will be hard to implement it.


All solutions we looked at had some human validation parts in it, this and incentive models offered gaming the system options. A first satellite analyse approach was developed with the cool team of Space for Good.

We truly believe that we need to combine skills and work together in a collaborative form on higher goals that serve us all and we then are also capable of solving every problem there is. Collaboration here is the key for a better tomorrow for us all.


Blockchain can play a crucial part in trusted communications of machines outputs and like that impact can be measured based on trusted data.

This in combination with collaborations of other sustainable projects and likeminded people offers tremendous opportunities how we can incentivize the right behaviour for a better tomorrow.

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