Sell your used software out of an insolvency

We offer you to evaluate a possible price for the company's software inventory. You do not see any disclosed values in the balance sheets, we explain you why and unlock the hidden assets for you. When there is something to sell, we do it for the best possible price on the market. Our full service approach is standardized and confirmed in one of the largest insolvency cases in recent years.


The future of license trading

For more transparency, better prices and with a pinch of magic.

With a pinch of magic!


You have nothing to worry about. On your behalf, we contact the right people in the company, coordinate our activities with the collecting society and keep you informed at all times.


We provide you with a value appraisal for your software on a time and material basis, which will be credited with the sales commission to us in case of a sale.


We evaluate the market and sell for the best price through our auction model. We gain a 15% share of the selling price.


Up to 300% more revenue than expected 

In 2018, we safely sold software licenses for the largest insolvency case in Europe, where we increased the expected revenues by more than 300%. We know the market for used software and can also sell software that is otherwise not traded. Complete transparency and your legal certainty is important to us. You can track at any time and prove in an audit-proof way which software was sold at what price to which party.

DIN SPEC-4996 So that secure trading 

becomes a standard in software license trading

Together with DIN (German ISO), we have developed the process to digitize the trade in software licenses and make it audit-proof. 


Software licenses trade according to DIN-SPEC 4996

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Blockchain technology for legally compliant and traceable license transfer 


Sören Reimers

Sören Reimers

Managing Director of ProLicense

Managing Director of Prolicense

With we have found the perfect partner to legally and sustainably simplify the process of software sales for our customers.

With we have found the perfect partner to legally and sustainably simplify the process of software sales for our customers.



Valuation Report

From 800€

We prepare an initial assessment of the software values in form of a valuation report that is based on the available information.

Send me further information and presign me up.

Commission fee for selling
the software


We offer the software licenses on the

market and sell them to the best

available price. Our unique auction

model for licenses is the perfect fit

for insolvency cases and guarantees a

transparent and secure process.

Send me further information and presign me up.

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