Use Cases

We believe in the rise of digital items and more and more connected devices.
We also believe that decentralized technologies will enable new business models for creators worldwide and applying incentive structures is the success path to create sustainable ecosystems. 
Everything we build is serving us to learn and as building blocks for our vision of a decentralized creator and builder community. We are on track to build beatutiful and easy to use interfaces for anyone to utilize the power of Blockchain.
You have an idea, you want to start licensing your products, then talk to us and lets start creating together the #futureoflicensing.  

Use Software (Illustration)

Sell your used software at the best price

Merger and Acquisitions (Illustration)

Sell your used software out of an insolvency

Use case – Machine licensing (Illustration) v2 (1)

Blockchain's Smart Factory and Device Approach

Social responsibility (Illustration) (1)

Leverage Impact using Blockchain

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