The power of creativity

We believe in creativity, we believe in the uprising of individuals who will be capable to work anywhere from the world and monetize their work in a fair and transparent way. With the internet we established the foundation for communication and now with blockchain the trust layer that empowers micro business to operate location independent. Creative work as creating an useful script comes with ownership of that product and should be compensated in a fair way especially if the using party is making or saving money through ultilizing it.

The power of collaboration

When it comes to complex problem solving, innovations that enable new products or services there is nothing better if various parties are involved that are not all from one or another entity. Talent is often concentrated in various areas but then also exposed to very high compensations (because of the local conditions as high rents or just extremely high demand). We think the war for talent will shift to a peace for colloboration and that blockchain will play in major role in facilitating new project forms.

The change in the corporate world

There is already a change in the traditional corporate world, we see more and more innovation departments, think tanks, accelerator or incubator programs that should open the mindset of the corporate world. They also learn from startups and try to imitate their speed and agileness but at least they almost opened up to exchange which is an important first step.

The power of trust

We use blockchain as a technology stack that was called the trust machine in an Economist cover story from 2015 and love all aspects of transparency permitting new ways to work with each other without relying on any trustful middlemen.  We take the trust approach further we also trust our partners, colleagues and customers and want them to trust us alike. We don't believe in short term profit maximization but in long term relationships whereby all parties have a fair share of the profit.

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