The power of creativity

We believe in promoting creativity. We live in an age where an individual can be located anywhere in the world and monetise his or her work in a transparent way. The blockchain has created the architecture for creators to take ownership of their work and operate from any location. We believe developers should be fairly compensated, especially when those benefiting from the fruits of their labour make money or enjoy cost savings.

The power of collaboration

When it comes to complex problem solving there is nothing better for finding a solution than collaboration. Innovative new products and services are often created when disparate parties work together. While talent is currently concentrated in specific places we foresee a shift in the fight for the best talent to a new paradigm of peaceful collaboration. We believe the blockchain will play a vital role in the formation of new innovative projects. 

The changing face of the corporate world

Change is already afoot in the traditional corporate world. Innovation is being promoted in a variety of different ways. Think tanks and accelerator or incubator programs are just a few examples. There is an increasing awareness of the importance of having an open mindset in the corporate world. Companies are learning from startups and trying to imitate their nimbleness. Dialogue and the exchange of ideas is an important first step towards meaningful innovation.

The power of trust

We deploy the blockchain as a technology stack, described as “the trust machine” by The Economist in a cover story in 2015. We believe in genuine transparency, permitting new modes of collaboration without the need for middlemen.

We take this trust approach even further. We also trust our partners, colleagues and customers and of course want them to trust us as well. We don't believe in chasing short-term profits. Instead we focus on developing long-term relationships where all parties have a fair share of the profits.

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