Basically, MegaFlow is a React.js component to build flexible workflows (forms) based on pre-defined JSON schemas. It accepts JSON schemas as input and renders the workflow steps, forms and contents based on that.

With MegaFlow, rendering different forms with different logics and conditions, but with the same UI, will be so easy.

Consider you have an e-shop admin panel (powered by React.js) and you have a section/page for adding products, which can have different categories, and based on the categories, they have totally different attributes and properties. Then what is usually done by most of developers is to implement a new form for each of them by duplicating most of UI elements and probably logics, or in the best case, to implement just one form and use "conditions" in that as much as possible, which results in dirty, hard-to-maintain and complicated codebase.

Using MegaFlow, you can handle the mentioned scenario with just defining JSON schemas for your different use cases/scenarios, pass it to MegaFlow, and then MegaFlow will take care of the rest. That's cool, right? 🙂