Unlock the value of your digital assets.

Value, buy and sell digital assets on a transparent and trusted platform.

license.rocks lets you obtain the best price for the digital assets that you own. Our transparent and trusted portal lets you securely buy and sell digital assets. Navigate the morass of licensing data, leveraging the power of the blockchain.


3 PRODUCTS - 1 Mission

All our products together build a perfect license alternatives for any digital asset. Our mission is to make licensing as easy as it should be for customers as well as for creators. 

Creatorshub allows creating, managing and monetizing digital products as they get presented as license tokens.

Megaflow offers an easy JSON workflow builder that produces JSON files which represent the metadata files for your license tokens.

Metaproof then allows to read out mutiple metadata JSON files that sit on a permanent storage to make the license proofs and claims human readable.   

Your token factory to create, manage and monetize your digital assets.

Easy to issue and manage solution for license tokens. These token represent the usage right of a digital items and unite for the first time the access, the commercial and legal agreements in one products, so that license complexity is reduced in the future. We started with software assets and did a PoC within the machine licensing world to understand and then build a more versatile solution for all kinds of use cases. 

Check your digital footprint

Did you ever wonder if all these tokens are really immutable? Non fungible tokens (NFTs) often had their metadata saved on a centralized solution which means if that company goes out of business, then the NFT doesn also not exist anymore. The solution is to stored the contract on the Ethereum mainnet and use for the metadata a permanet storage.
Metaproof is our license explorer that reads out the metadata files, offering even the option to use various metadata files - in case your licensed item attributes faces changes over time.
With metaproof you can leave your digital footprint for mankind .  

A customizable workflow for your token metadata

Setting and holding standards are super important for our tokenized world of tomorrow. Therefore we developed megaflow, a easy to use JSON based editor that produces the JSON based metadata files. megaflow let's you  set up and share your workflows to create standard token metadata for various products and license use cases.

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Your end to end market solution for selling and buying used software.

LicenseCore application (currently in beta) allows our clients to buy and sell software assets securely on the blockchain. We help our clients navigate the software license jungle with a fair and transparent service. We always ensure our clients obtain the best quote for software assets.


Taking care of all software assets in the largest insolvency case in Germany

In our first use case, we empower insolvency managers and liquidators to focus exclusively on their goals: The license.rocks service obtains the best offer for any (software) asset while avoiding the hassle and pitfalls of the software license management terrain. Our partners at ProLicense ensure a pain-free software license management service and launched an end-to-end solution based on our technology stack.


license.rocks is a software license blockchain business

Find out more about our story and the values that underpin what we do.

Prizes & Awards



Top 10 | 2020


Deep Tech Award 
(Kat. Blockchain)

Winner | 2020


DIN Connect 

Granted | 2019


Odyssey Hackathon Blockchain & AI
 for BerChain e.V.

Winner | 2019



2nd | 2018


HTW Blockchain 
Innovation Day

Winner | 2018


Seal of Excellence

Granted | 2018

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