License management

Easy licensing for the next generation of the internet

The licensing solution for your digital and physical products. Transform the way you manage and monetize your IP for a more and more digital world.


Meet NFTverse & PROOFmeta

Our cutting-edge NFT publishing studio and licensing solution - designed for businesses and creatives. Enter the web3 era with a product that is tailored to your needs and powered by a future-proof infrastructure designed to put you at the forefront of innovation.

Create your license token in a minute

Predefined workflows to create the NFT that fits to your business. You need another template? Get in contact here


Protect your digital & physical products

Our NFT solutions provide enhanced protection for your intellectual property, giving you a bridge between physical and digital and vice versa.


Visualize Metrics

Core metrics visualization for an easier understanding of any license contract.


Boost Engagement

Using our NFT platform, drive community engagement to new heights with unique, personalized experiences.


OpenAPI Approach

Utilize our OpenAPI for seamless NFT creation, and integration offering you maximum flexibility and control.


Efficient Royalties

Automate royalty processes, ensuring seamless transactions, accurate payouts, invoicing and reporting.

Harness the potential of NFTs for the digital future.

What you can achieve


Enhance your brand and IP protection, securing your assets and counterfeit prevention.


Foster stronger community engagement and loyalty through unique incentives and experiences.


Unleash innovative new ways to support your marketing strategies with NFTs.


Next to various monetization opportunities for brands, the technology automates the process of the disbursement of royalties.


Simplify royalty processes with NFTs, automating payouts and tracking all transactions via invoices and analytics.

“With, we have found the ideal partner for shaping the future for music rights holders.”
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

“NFTverse transformed how we handle licensing - it's game-changing!”
Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

“With metaPROOF, we have full control over our creative assets - it’s empowering!”’
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

“Their solutions made license audits way more efficient - a real lifesaver!”
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Anthony Grower

Marketing Specialist

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