Every company has software assets.

license.rocks is a blockchain-powered approach to track, manage and trade software licenses along the supply chain in a transparent, secure and automated manner.

Using blockchain technology we break up existing data silos within the regular transaction chain and visualize them for the first time in a consistent way.

We are on track to build the decentralized licensing framework for an immutable audit trail and best practice offers for enterprises. Our solution simplifies license management and automates license trading while adding a new sales pipeline for software publishers and resellers.


Are you an insolvency manager, a liquidator or someone who is responsible for software asset in your company?

Our application (in beta) allows you to buy and sell your software assets in a secure way using blockchain technologies. license.rocks offers transparency through the jungle of software license information. We will get you the best quote for your software assets.

“We are very proud that we are trusted, taking care of all software assets within the largest insolvency case in Germany.”

“We are very proud that we are taking care of the largest insolvency case in Germany.”

— Team, license.rocks

In our first use case we empower insolvency managers and liquidators to fully
concentrate on their goals. Getting the best offer for any (software) asset
while avoiding the hassles and complications of software license management. Our
partners at ProLicense ensure a pain-free software license management.

This use case shows how tokenization can improve existing business
processes, but we are aware that this is just the start. We envision a truly decentralized market approach for license management, as well as new business opportunities for enterprises and creators.

You have a use case and you would like to check if you are missing any business opportunities? Get in touch with us!

license.rocks is a software license blockchain company.

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We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!

We are happy to help, get in contact directly!


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