Unlock the value of your software assets.

Value, buy and sell digital assets on a transparent and trusted platform.

license.rocks lets you obtain the best price for the software assets that you own. Our transparent and trusted portal lets you securely buy and sell digital assets. Navigate the morass of software licensing data, leveraging the power of the blockchain.

We empower insolvency managers and liquidators to monetise dormant digital assets. Our partnership with ProLicense removes the hassle of navigating the idiosyncratic world of software license management.

The launch of a platform for insolvency specialists marks just the beginning of our journey to create a global marketplace for software assets. Every type of business will be able to benefit from the blockchain’s capacity to provide a decentralised market place for software licenses. If you are interested in unleashing the value of the software assets that your business holds we would be interested in speaking with you.


Are you an insolvency manager, liquidator or responsible for software asset management at your company?

The license.rocks application (currently in beta) allows our clients to buy and sell software assets securely on the blockchain. We help our clients navigate the software license jungle with a fair and transparent service. We always ensure our clients obtain the best quote for software assets.

“We are very proud to be a trusted partner, taking care of all software assets in the largest insolvency case in Germany.

“We are very proud that we are taking care of the largest insolvency case in Germany.”

— Team, license.rocks

In our first use case, we empower insolvency managers and liquidators to focus exclusively on their goals: The license.rocks service obtains the best offer for any (software) asset while avoiding the hassle and pitfalls of the software license management terrain. Our partners at ProLicense ensure a pain-free software license management service.

Our first use case will demonstrate how tokenisation can improve existing business processes. Still, we believe that this is just the very beginning. We envision a truly decentralized market structure for license management as well as new business opportunities for enterprises and developers.

If you have a use case and would like to find out if you are missing any potential business opportunities – get in touch today!

license.rocks is a software license blockchain business.

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