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Explore the possibilities you have based on your IP. You can issue licenses based on your intellectual work. Unleash your creative business ideas and start earning. 


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Licensing solution for (y)our digital future

Besides a better customer experience, our solution can come along with massive cost savings, scaling and seamless integration options.

  • Empower income possibilities based on creativity
  • Simplified contract signing
  • Automated monitoring and transparency
  • Immutable license records
  • Easier license renewals
  • Faster dispute resolutions
  • Efficient licensing provision, and royalty payments for creators and collaborators

Integrations & OpenAPI

We never start on a greenfield and offer for that a more flexible solution.

  • Offering an OpenAPI approach to use any data or service of NFTverse
  • Offering documentation and help
  • Building on automation and integration tools
  • Using your existing infrastructure
  • Displaying NFTs on APPs, DAPPs, websites, or offering you, your every own marketplace 

Customize your NFT project 

Use NFTverse and save time and built on templates and our proven OpenAPI as well as best-of-breed partners.

  • Customizable storefronts templates 
  • Powerful Publishing and Management Control 
  • Fiat Payment Provider Options
  • Crypto on- and offramp providers
  • Trusted Tech, Legal, Tax partnerships
“With, we have found the ideal partner for shaping the future for music rights holders.”
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Whitelabel with NFTverse that works for you

  • Use our storefront concept
  • Manage with us, publish for the world
  • Benefit from the growing solutions around our products
  • Plan in existing IT infrastructure
  • Profit from our trusted data for your digital assets
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