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We work hard to build tomorrow's digital future for IP.

At license.rocks, we are driven by the vision of revolutionizing licensing for the digital era. With our NFT-based solution, we aim to simplify the complex process of licensing, offering legal compliance and protection for your products. Our goal is to empower businesses to monetize their intellectual property without stress or uncertainty.


How it all started and where we are today


From a cafe to a business 

Born in a Berlin café on Bitcoin Street, we recognized blockchain's potential to transform the licensing industry. Promptly, we secured a grant through the Berlin Startup Scholarship at FU Berlin.


Software license trading platform

Launched a blockchain-powered platform for secure used software trading for Insolvency managers.  On average, we would get more than 300% increase in revenue by adding transparency to that industry. 

May 2020

Set a standard
(DIN SPEC 4996)

Initiated and lead the working group to develop a DIN standard for software license trading based on blockchain technology for more trust.

May 2020
Dec 2021

NFT marketplace solution

Launched a white-label marketplace solution in the music industry, enabling our clients to successfully secure a significant seed round.

Dec 2021
May 2022

The Customization Group

Seed Investment of the merchandising production company The Customization Group (Picanova GmbH).

May 2022
Januar 2022

NFT Whitelabel solution for brands and creatives

We extended our marketplace approach for music and launched in various verticals as art, fashion and agriculture industries.

Januar 2022

🔥 PROOFmeta: Our on-Chain licensing solution

Our digital future needs a better concept for license tracking and trading. That's why we came up with PROOFmeta for every NFT project out there.


🔥 NFTverse: Goes SaaS

Migration from a classic marketplace approach to a cutting-edge SaaS model, offering curated products and services. Proudly adopted an OpenAPI approach, pioneering flexibility and integration in the digital selling landscape.

Our mission

Easy licensing for our digital future

Our mission is to provide a seamless and efficient platform that enables businesses to navigate the evolving landscape of licensing. By harnessing the power of NFT technology, we offer a transformative solution that empowers creators and rights holders to unlock new opportunities in the digital world. Join us as we shape the future of licensing and unleash the full potential of your intellectual property.
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Meet the team

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"NFTs are the TCP/IP Protocol for ownership, trust, and identity in tomorrow's digital space."
Daud Zulfacar


"Every moment in the Web3 arena is a thrilling ride, sparking the same electrifying anticipation I felt during the dawn of the internet era."
Frank Bartels


“Super proud to build a revolutionary platform that empowers artists and creators to unleash their full potential in the world of NFTs.”
Artur Chmaro


Come join us and help us grow and get great together.