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License metadata for enhanced protection, simplified complexity, and automated efficiency around usage rights for your IP use case.


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Visualize license metrics

Transform complex licensing metrics from boring, hard-to-understand legal jargon into interactive, understandable visualizations.

Offer better-informed decision-making with a clearer understanding of your licensing conditions. 
Utilize NFTs our associated PROOFmeta approach to monitor both digital and tangible assets protected by Intellectual Property rights.


Industry-specific license solution

Whether you're in music, art, fashion, cannabis, or another industry, PROOFmeta adapts to your licensing needs.

Our solution includes industry-specific templates for seamless token creation with attached on-chain license metrics.

You already have an NFT collection in place, no problem we got you covered as well, talk to us!

proofmeta-industry-specific license solution

Intellectual property protection

Protect your brand's intellectual property with the immutable power of blockchain technology.
Ensure your IP usage rights are safe and securely communicated.

Enjoy brand safety by automated brand frauds within the NFT Space detection.

Book automated takedowns of marketplace listings as an optional service.


On-chain licensing

Transparency and security are taken to the next level. With our on-chain licensing concept, all vital license information, including contract proofs and their metrics, are added to the metadata of the NFT.

Stored securely on immutable storage, access comprehensive licensing data anytime, anywhere.
Any NFT created with that in mind can carry right away the on-chain metrics.

Existing NFTs projects can add their on-chain metrics by whitelisting their collections for a license and terms explorer.


Integration with NFTverse

Use PROOFmeta as a standalone solution or integrate it seamlessly with our NFT publishing platform NFTverse, to supercharge your NFT project. Join the licensing revolution.

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