New Partnership: United Bear Society Revolutionizes Web3 for Real-Life Utility


United Labs GmbH, an innovative blockchain company, is thrilled to announce the official launch of United Bear Society. As a pioneering solution in the Web3 industry, United Bear Society is poised to revolutionize the interaction between the metaverse and the real world. With its cutting-edge technology, unique features, and forward-thinking vision, this project aims to transform how interactions occur between the metaverse and the real world. 

Their vision and mission are driven by pragmatic idealism, with a primary focus on connecting the virtual and real worlds, creating utility, and offering real-life rewards to its members by leveraging the benefits of digital assets and blockchain technology. At the core of their concept is a monetization strategy that enables members to transform their digital assets into customized physical products. Additionally, partner brands can create virtual 3D stores to showcase and sell their latest products, promote concepts, and establish strong connections with customers through exclusive live events hosted by the society. 

This integrated approach sets them apart in the industry. To serve as a bridge between the virtual world and reality, United Bear Society has established strong partnerships with numerous global leaders and award-winning companies. Our partnership is one of the notable collaborations, allowing United Bear Society to be one of the first projects in the Web3 industry to sell their digital assets and provide membership proof to their community, fully licensed. Another innovative aspect of this partnership is the ability to acquire artwork using traditional payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, in addition to cryptocurrencies. The Customization Group, a global leader in mass customization and an investor in, handles the transformation of these unique digital assets into physical products. With the German company producing over 500,000 products daily, we can confidently say that this process is in excellent hands. 

Mr. Stere, the CEO of United Bear Society, remarks: 

"We take great pride in working and building the future alongside our partners! At the foundation of the synergy created between our companies lies the fact that forward-thinking individuals and like-minded individuals have come together, recognizing that we are stronger together. We are a project that turns words into action, not through fancy whitepapers promising the world, but through real-life partnerships and events with renowned artists and brands worldwide." 

After 19 months of substantial investment and hard work, United Bear Society is now ready to welcome new members. The society's previous events in Ibiza and Amsterdam, coupled with the recent unveiling of their virtual world, Metabears, demonstrate their commitment to providing an unforgettable and unique journey in this mesmerizing new era driven by technological advances and visionary thinking. 

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