Art NFTs – Use Case

NFTs and art are on the rise. The record of the 69 Million USD auction of Beeples Everydays artwork, making him the one of the richest artists alive, started a movement that was before more a niche market in the Blockchain space1. In March 2021 alone, more than 500,000 NFT artworks generated more than $85 million. This event triggered a movement and got rid of a lot of unclarity and vagueness around NFTs. It also captivated an impressive number of artists of all fields2.

Wouldn’t art be even better perceived if it wouldn’t be just locked up in physical and sometimes private restricted galeries? 


What are the benefits of Art NFTs?

  1. A new brise of PR and Marketing strategy

    The NFT movement shows how fast and unpredictably technology innovations can change established and traditional business landscapes.
    You can gain tremendous marketing outreaches, word-of-mouth, and PR insights, all while giving the chance to any of your art fans the option to own parts of your exclusive work. That is by showcasing your work and showing to a wider audience than you did before. Due to the long tail options the internet offers, your art piece is more likely to find its fan base on the world instead of exposing it just on galleries and art fairs.

    What if you start combining traditional ways how art is consumed and distributed with this new NFT world. What if you think about our world becoming more and more a part of the metaverse and how can you decorate your future virtual rooms.
  2. Reach the worldwide audience

    How encouraging is it to discover that a NFT will introduce your artwork globally, and get rid of any headache causing complications of border crossings and international shipment?
    Although it is digital, the value of your creations can be perceived in the same way as your physical counterparts. Always remember NFTs offer scarcity and provenance for ownership of digital products3.
  3. The legal, licensing and marketplace concerns

    When talking about "selling" or "auctioning" NFTs, there is the concern and confusion about the copyright. Let's clarify this: You, as the author of the work, will still own the copyright (Creation rights). The NFT buyer will receive a NFT that is a usage right or license of that ownership (Collector rights). This NFT with its rights is then property of the new owner of the NFT4.

    Nevertheless, our team and legal partners will consult you considering the legal, technical and licensing part, all while developing and designing your NFT model. We have a legal framework within our product based on the legal advice of one of the leading Blockchain attorneys from Germany.

What are the USP's? 

With our decentralized solution and experts, we design your NFT, keep your rights and those of your buyers with smart-ownership contracts and the best marketplace indications.

  • A huge new market 
  • Will be a part to build the metaverse 
  • Not just views and likes but new commercial models
  • Independent of any physical locations
  • All in one: Ownership, authentication, provenance, and licensing
  • No crypto experience required

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