license NFT-solution used at GO! Exhibition.

Already in 2017, the street art collective “Die Dixons” became well-known when they transformed a former bank in Berlin into the largest temporary street art exhibition with their project called "The Haus". So, it’s a great honor to see that the new exhibition Game Over Berlin (GO!) goes even further and uses our NFT-solution. GO! is the world's first urban NFT museum in Berlin-Schöneberg. Covering an area of around 2,000 square meters, visitors* are welcomed by a world of street art, 3D installations, classic art history combined with blockchain-based art aka NFT. The Merkur Spielothek, which had to cease operations due to the 2021 gaming arcade law, serves as the space for the innovative museum.

"Die Dixons" rewrite the digitalization of art. With a self-developed app, visitors discover analog artworks in a completely new way by using a cell phone to recreate the present. For instance, if you point the camera of your cell phone at the black-and-white comic figures, you suddenly see them in 3D. Moreover through the app, the large-scale image of a young woman suddenly takes on a different face. In other pictures, the viewer can decide for himself or herself what color to give them - or start effects just as flying bats through the room.

But it's not just the app that reveals a new level of art, but NFT art in particular. Visitors can not only view this crypto art, but also purchase it immediately on the NFT marketplace based on' technology. Also on the streets, the large posters allow direct access to the considerable NFTs by simply scanning the QR code. 

Do not miss the opportunity for a visit. 

The exhibition is open only until 30.09.2022, admission is free. 



NFT Marketplace:


YouTube - euronews (german): VORS"Game Over" in Berlin ist die perfekte Spielwiese für Kunst 3.0CHAU

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