Maschine licensing PoC with Siemens and Tupelo

What if machines or other connected hardware devices could be licensed in a way, that one needs to have tokens to access the various features it obtains?
We thought of a new way how we could enable any of these providers to stay connected with their customers and find new innovative ways to license their products, pushing up- and cross sales after the device is at the customer site.
A token can grant you access to anything and this is a well known concept.
Now think about the trends of emerging IOT devices, constantly lower hardware costs and platform form strategies and add some decentralized technology to and there it is:

A feature based access token model for connected hardware devices

We partnered with our friends from Tupelo and had the honor to work with the innovation department of Siemens industry automations.

We love to apply our findings as we did that on a mutual OSS license basis with other providers from that space, implementing new distribution and sales strategies.

You don't get it, think of a simple smoke detector that might have a webcam already in place that you can access buying some webcam license tokens when you are heading to your vacations but want to have full control of your beloved home.

Think about the smart manufactories of tomorrow, a shared machine park where small innovative startups can get access to assembly lines they couldn't afford but now they can book on demand their production facilities. What about not production lines that are not running at full capacity, how could these use decentralized technologies so the buyer of them can refinance their assets.

What about hardware manufacturers that are into white labeling and have no direct access to the end customers but love to stay in touch with them as with the distribution to the end customer else all potential contacts to the end customers are lost.

If you are interested in solution like that, fell free to contact us and we are happy to discuss your use case and see if a decentralized solution makes sense and how it would.

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