Music NFTs – Use Case

Let's rock your music ownership with more fan engagement, after-sale and instant payment! 

NFTs are the new digital ownership representation of digital products as your art and music assets. Moreover they are secured and recorded by blockchain technology1. With our unique white label solution, we guide you to create your own unique NFTs and further distribute, sell and track them on your very own customized platform. 


Why is NFT the future of fan engagement and monetization?

Together with our experts, partners and network, we grow your music assets to the next level.
One marketplace and product suite to boost your ambitious targets and grow and nourish your business. All in all a full 360 degree service approach for you.

Many benefits go along with NFTs, the following among them:

  1. Recurring revenue streams!

    With a NFT you can build in programmable revenue for the creator. Guaranteeing you a share every time your NFT is sold. Thus, enabling your digital art assets to be a continuous income stream! Our solution enables payment right after the purchasement, so we have fast, seamless and hassle free payments. Therefore no more waiting for your streaming royalties2.

    Check out the differences between regular money (FIAT) and cryptocurrencies!
  1. Unique Fan experience     

    Artists have now the freedom to create scarce and exclusive content for their fans. For instance, think of personalized birthday wishes, limited (digital) clothing, meet and greets, lifetime VIP tickets or VIP access to your new work or even winning a trip to mars with Elon Musk.

    Whatever you know could be fan engagement on a new level, we will support you making your fans' dreams happen!
  1. Get a supercrew

    Imaging your fans can buy into your future music project. They would receive a NFT representing that they were early backers of that project but even better a revenue stream for them can be applied to it. A percentage of the future revenue streams would always be flowing back to the fans2

What are the benefits of NFTs in the music industry?

  • Immutable proof of ownership
  • Transparent copyright clearing
  • Continuous revenue through resales and trading
  • Exclusive content creation and distribution
  • New market place(s) and distribution channel(s)
  • Fan engagement and loyalty program 
  • Instant payment (also for Crypto)
  • Eliminate any unnecessary middleman

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1 Sayegh, Emil: The Art of Blockchain (May 18, 2021). Forbes.
2Yang, Peter: A Step by Step Guide to NFTs for Creators (Feb 18, 2021).

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